Triathlon Europe

Triathlon Europe provides high quality coaching and training opportunities for triathletes of all levels, from Olympic through to Ironman distance triathlon. Experience the benefits of working with Fiona Ford, a qualified British Triathlon Level 3 coach and World Champion amateur triathlete who understands how to maximise your overall training program to achieve time effective results. Whether you're looking for a personal triathlon coach to fast track technical development, a bespoke individual training plan, or coached swim training sessions, triathlon coaching is an effective investment in enhancing your potential. Triathlon Europe are the premium provider of training weeks for triathletes in the French Alps, where you can train at moderate altitude using proven methods and stunning facilities to maximise performance.


Swim Squad

Certified SwimSmooth Coach Fiona Ford runs SwimSmooth squad training year round at Richmond Pools on the Park's indoor and outdoor 33m pools. The squad structure offers sessions to improve speed/ pacing based on CSS along with endurance and open water skills. If you’ve attended a video analysis session with Fiona or watched one of Swim Smooth’s award winning DVDs, you’ll already be familiar with many of the drills/ skills used during the sessions. We have lanes suitable for novice swimmers, improving triathletes, open water competitors and strong master’s swimmers. Fiona has been improving triathletes' swimming in the Richmond area since 2009, using Swim Smooth’s coaching system.


Weekend Courses

As a result of many months planning and development, Triathlon Europe are very pleased to be offering high-quality weekend Triathlon Training courses at Peloton Training's beautiful rural venue in Suffolk in 2014. Fiona has been consulting with one of her Ironman coached athletes Alex Hinton over the past 3 years to develop a long awaited, world class triathlon training venue within easy reach of London.     


Triathlon Training Weeks

Triathlon Europe was the first company providing altitude training weeks in the French Alps in 2006 and Fiona has utilised the location to produce World Championship winning performances and define new limits for potential with many individual athletes every Summer. Having a decade of knowledge and understanding of cycle routes used by the Tour de France, utilising run trails as raced on by ultra runners in the UTMB combined with pristine pool and lake swimming venues to train at moderate altitude, significant gains in speed endurance and strength for multi-sport are guaranteed. Training limits are redefined after even a short stint in the French Alps, challenging terrain elsewhere in the world will fail to intimidate you as an athlete after a Triathlon Europe Training week!



SwimSmooth Video Analysis Workshops

Dubai SwimSmooth Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Workshops booking for March and December 2015!

French Alps Training Weeks 2014

Summer in the mountains, cycling famous Tour de France climbs, training at altitude, swimming in pristine lakes or outdoor 50m pool with views to Mt Blanc, trail running on the UTMB course, performance gains, luxury chalet accommodation, Professional chef creating nutritious meals each day, in house masseur and bike mechanic…. What's not to like about a Triathlon Europe training week in the French Alps?